On the Island

Chapter 2 - "Mister Not-So-Clean"
In which our heroes clean up the mess and make new friends.

Scene 1 – Cleanup 

The childlike Feliciana Sorrentino, the matronly Sabina Dumitru and a duo of human body guards call on Isaac while he is working in the morgue.
Feliciana has Isaac forge morgue records and forensic evidence to indicate that the Davidson family died in an accidental house fire.
Sabina performs necromancy on an exsanguinate corpse of the ghoul Mitchell Davidson and determines he was murdered by the escaped "Lost Boy" Remington
Isaac incinerates the bodies. Isaac is invited to a gathering at R. R. Findlay's hotel. 

Scene 2 - Rejection 

Bogdan Octavian arrives at Chandler's home looking to enlist her assistance in handling the human witnesses of the collapse of the Davidson house. Chandler finds herself wary of Bogan, while friendly she rejects his request, though she takes his card as allying with a Malkavian Primogen can prove useful. 

Scene 3 - Saps and Sewers 

At Eric's townhouse Chenu the Nosfertu introduces herself and explains that Findlay has requested she contact Eric to assist with altering the digital records of the Davidson house fire. Eric calls over Chandler and Isaac, the three of them follow Chenu through the sewers and break into the firehouse to alter the physical records. 
The break and enter is quite successful, with Chandler enchanting the fire officer that had discovered the break in.
Chandler and Eric are invited to Findlay's gathering. 

Scene 4 - Confrontation 

Eric sets off to pay Findlay a visit in his private suite among his private block of rooms hidden in the supposedly unfinished top floor of the Hotel. 
Eric witnesses first the excesses Findlay indulges in as the rooms are occupied with ghouls and blood dolls performing acts of varying degrees of depravity. 
Findlay attempt unsuccessfully to gain Eric's favour with flattery and bribery. Eric is given the blood doll Darkstar Ravenette on the pretense of being rewarded for a bounty on the "Lost Boys" pack. It is made clear that while Findlay does attempt to preserve the masquerade he has become complacent and decadent as is wont to happen with vampires of the Toreador clan. 
Eric also make the acquaintance of Findlay's man Friday, Gunter. 
Darkstar Ravenette proves to be dependent, deluded, delusional, and disturbingly obsessive. Her presence is a burden on the coterie. Eric devises a plan for her to experience the eternal unlife of a vampire through the eyes of a Nosferatu. 

Scene 5 – Meet and Greet 

The next evening the coterie attends the gathering at Findlay's hotel. The offering of sex, drugs, and blood provided by Findlay serve to alienate the guests more than impress.
Sabina sits reading away from the ghouls and dolls. Feliciana chats to many participants and victims of the excesses in a disturbing tableau of innocence juxtaposed with utter degeneration. 
A blood bound fledgling "willingly" offers his own vitae as refreshment. This disturbing offer is considered by Harold “Hapless Harry” Trottier who nervously chats with Isaac. Harold decides to drink from a nearby doll who has been dosed with copious amounts of heroin. 
Findlay sits at his table furtively discussing something with Cristiano Lupo
With the arrival of Bogdan, Findlay dismisses the entertainment and invites the guests to join him at his table. Locked in privacy Findlay formally introduces himself, Bogdan, Cristiano, Feliciana, Sabina, Chandler, Eric, Isaac, Harold, and Gunter. An unnamed ghoul sits in as well, though Findlay explains he is bound by agreement to allow this vassal to relay what is said to his master, a vampire known to Findlay and Bogan. 
The matter of the killing of Keith Jotham and his pack is dicussed. It is confirmed that Keith was a rogue Ductus, culturally a member of the Sabbat but not officially recognized by the Sect. Their danger to the masquerade is agreed upon by all present, their deaths were justified and our heroes are congratulated. 
Remington's location is provided by Sabina, who had divined it through thaumaturgical means. Findlay tasks the coterie with retrieving him dead or undead. Sabina also provides her opinion that the collapse of the Davidson house into a burning pool of blood and offal was a Koldunic ritual put in place by an unknown third party. 
The greater matter of the masquerade falling is addressed by Findlay as a segue into requesting the vampires present support his bid to raise his status from Hound to of the Prince of the Island. Bogdan agrees to relay his request to Camarilla officials, but remains neutral on the matter.
The coterie immediately calls out Findlay on his own behavior putting strain on the masquerade. The other vampires present balk at Findlay's request as well, air grievances, or remain carefully neutral. 
Cristiano, Isaac, and Eric in particular find common ground in opposing Findlay's grab for power, afraid that this action among other occurrence may draw the attention of hunters. 
Feliciana reveals that she strongly believes a hunter may already be present; though Cristiano is less certain. This news disturbs everyone present. 
Everyone agrees to work together for now to contain Remington and look for a potential hunter; and possibly to "consider" Findlay's request for support in exchange for blood, boons, and power. 

Scene 6 – Conspiracy 

Leaving the hotel, the coterie is invited to an "after party" at the Libary. There they find Cristiano, Sabina, Chenu, and a very inebriated Harold.
Sabina offers the hospitality of her sanctuary in the chambers beneath the Library, she apologizes for her previously curt demeanor. To Isaac she gifts a  copy of The Book Of Nod, one that is unique to a now dead Lasombra pack. She also suggests Eric peruse an entry in one of her rarer tomes. Eric snaps a photo of the passage from The Fractal Soul
Cristiano reveals that he agrees with Findlay's suggestion that consolidating power on the Island into an independent domain would assist with protecting the masquerade; but suggests using an Anarch model with Cristiano himself as acting Baron until and election is held. He also reveals his background as a former Camarilla, ruling over a domain in New Brunswick before he was overthrown by Sabbat forces. He readily admits his own interest in taking power as a stepping stone to moving against his Sabbat nemeses. He insists that once Findlay is out of the picture he can act more freely and will not need to hold onto the title of Baron to continue his plans; he insists he won't resist giving up that title through election. 
Cristiano also says that Bogan has been working with him prior to now on dealing with Findlay and investigating Bogan's psychic intuition concerning the Island. He says that if they support his plan Bogdan has agreed to work on his behalf to smooth over his takeover as Baron instead of relaying Findlay's bid for Prince. 
Sabina immediately agrees to support Cristiano and his sister, though she has no stomach for politics she has been a longtime friend to their family and chafes under Findlay's orders. 
Chenu likewise agrees that though she regularly acquiesces to Findlay's requests she doesn't trust his leadership; despite this she refuses to take sides on either matter and will simply support whomever wins out in the end.
Harry's heroin laced meal finally claims him, and he nods away before he can provide a coherent opinion. 
The coterie agrees to think on the matter as Bogdan arrives to confirm his offer to help Cristiano, but also clarifies if the vampires present wish to choose a different candidate for acting Baron he would support them equally. He also explains that he has been watching the Island due to a mysterious premonition that something of potentially supernatural importance will occur soon. His assistance to the vampires present will come at the cost of asking for a potential boon when the occurrence makes itself apparent. 
Bogdan leaves to return to Elysium in Nova Scotia. Chenu remains with Sabina, Cristiano, and the partially coherent Harry long  enough to talk and play a hand of cards before returning to the sewers where she left Darkstar Ravenette. 
The coterie travels to the last known location of Remington. 

Scene 7 – Homebody

The cotery travels away from the city until they arrive at a boarded up house. Eric channels the energy of life stored in his vitae to sense the psychic impressions of the house. The building communicates it's spiritual traces to him, revealing it is trapped and with one occupant. 
Isaac takes the abyssal shadow he commands and infuses it into his being, metamorphosing into a terrible creature of living shadow. In this form he passed into the house, scouting the way. 
The coterie uncovers the traps traps, avoiding loose floor-boards and tripwire. Chandler takes the crossbows triggered to fire.
Food is found in the fridge. Holy symbols from disparate religions are scattered throughout. 
Making their way carefully down the stairway rigged to collapse, they proceed to the basement. 
The basement is empty except for a single ominous feature. What appears to be a sarcophagus is examined by the coterie and found to contain the rogue vampire Remington, staked and immobile. The sarcophagus itself is a device designed to keep a vampire imobile but allows the vampire to be fed and it's vitae to be drained away automatically into blood packs. They break it open and take both the torture device and Remington back to Eric's townhouse. 

Epilogue – Guests 

Remington's mind is nearly insensate. In moments of coherency he reveals that after his murder of the two ghouls he tried to leave the Island, while crossing the bridge he was rammed by a van. He recalls nothing more. They decide to slowly nurse Remington back to health and sanity. 
Chenu returns Vicki, formerly Darkstar Ravenette. Vicki is seemingly cured of her obsession with vampires; horrified by Chenu's appearance and nauseated by a night and a day in sewers. She agrees to recover at Eric's hospital. 

Chapter 1 - "Puer Aeternus"
In which our heroes are introduced and proceed to tear shit up.

Scene 1 "Bloody Marys for Breakfast Again" 
(The Doors – People Are Strange)
The dull ache in the eyes of Chandler Schroeder, Eric McPhee and Isaac MacCourt slowly fades as the last vestiges of dusk shrink behind the horizon. The three meet at their usual watering hole; a small, dimly lit, and (most importantly) unpopular Mediterranean restaurant at which Chandler is employed as serving staff. The proprietor of which had been expertly ensorcelled by her some time ago. The vampiric trio are trying to decide on how to spend their evening. Eric is concerned with a child who had gone missing 24 hours earlier; humane if not human he feels compelled to protect mortal children. Chandler is skeptical as to the entertainment value  of this endeavor, but often willing to acquiesce to Eric's request when she has no better suggestions. Isaac is usually unconcerned with the plight of mortals around him; but smiles with equal parts viciousness and mischief as he throws his support behind the suggestion, saying best case scenario he gets to eat a vampire who is endangering the Masquerade and worst case scenario it's a pederast on the menu instead. So the coterie sets off to the place where the boy was last seen. 

Scene 2 "An Evening at the Unfair" 
(A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran)
The warm night of late July is filled with the sights, sounds and scents of humanity enjoying dangerous rides and expensive goods provided to them by questionable carnies; a summer tradition loved by all. Addie Brown was at the local fair ground with his mother when he went missing. This being a small and usually safe town his mother felt no trepidation allowing him to explore the small midway on his own, but as the sun sank she could no longer locate him. These details are all that is known to our heroes as they search the fairground for clues. The coterie splits up to search for physical clues and question carnies. Chandler and Isaac make headway with their questioning and determine that little Addie was last seen approaching a both selling comic books. The purveyor of funny books is a young adult in his late teens or early twenties; Mitchell Davidson. Mitchell is strong, handsome, and dressed in a black leather jacket. His young body would be the picture of health if he were not clearly either in the throws of drug withdrawal or possibly a bad trip; he is sweating profusely and wearing dark sunglasses in the style of the 1980s to block the bright, colourful carnival lights strobing against the night. His natural tan is offset by a deepening pallor. Chandler's direct and aggressive questioning immediately throws him off guard; and even account for his unhealthy state both Chandler and Isaac can tell he has something to hide. His contradictory and suspicious answers grate against Chandler enough for her to draw her handgun and kidnap Mitchell, her and Issac swiftly move him away from the crowd for further interrogation. 

Scene 3 "Never Split the Party"
(David Bowie – Let's Dance)
Eric has always had a skill for investigation which undeath has only served to further hone. Despite this being his wheelhouse there is a dearth of physical clues for him to examine as the fair is quite busy when the weather is this pleasant; the same difficulty the police themselves encountered. Despite this he noticed motorcycle tracks that have not yet been completely displaced by footprints; notable in that they go right through the fairway. This leads him to an older carny who describes a gang of young motorcyclists that had been causing trouble the night of Addie's disappearance. He too learns Addie was last seen at the comic book booth but when he arrives there are a couple of police officers questioning fairgoers about two individuals who have apparently kidnapped a carny at gunpoint. 

Scene 4 "Our Friend Just Had a Little Too Much to Drink"
(David Bowie – Blackstar)
Mitchell's interrogation occurs in a dimly lit parking lot near the waterfront. Chandler's abilities to enchant hearts and minds take a back seat to the preternatural horror embodied by Isaac. Drawing on the abyssal shadows contained in his soul, Isaac calls forth writhing tendrils of darkness. The tenebrous tentacles entangle Mitchell from the myriad shadows of the parked cars, pinning down his pitiful body. At this point it becomes that Mitchell is not your average junkie, his drug of choice is vampiric Vitae; as in his panic to escape he attempts to invoke the power in his blood, though failing, his sweat tinged with blood from the exertion, his ghoulish nature is recognized by Isaac. Unfortunately before they can make use of this information our heroes are interrupted by the police. Isaac immediately withdraws his shadows, and Chandler acts just as quickly and invokes her indomitable force of personality, enslaving Mitchell's heart to her will. Mortal authorities in this world of darkness are often corrupt and incompetent, the two officers that approach exemplify this trend. They are easily mollified with fast talk from our heroes and assume they are Mitchell's friends attempting to get him home as he is clearly unwell; this impression is solidified by Mitchell's fawning devotion over Chandler. Satisfied that there was no gun and tht they have successfully revealed this kidnapping as a simple misunderstand the police leave triumphant in their abilities to serve and protect. This is the moment Eric arrives having trailed the police, guessing what had occurred. The coterie reunited and once again alone with the now-enslaved ghoul they learn of a pack of vampires that have been preying on fairgoers and have taken Addie as yet another ghoulish slave. They waste no time and have Mitchell lead them to their quarry's sanctuary. 

Scene 5 "Off to Neverland"
(Talking Heads – Psycho Killer)
They drive until they reach a cliff on the beach, Mitchell leading the way on his motorcycle with Isaac along side on his own bike, following close behind are Chandler and Eric in their car. Beyond the cliff, a short way beyond that towering out of the water is a rocky butte with a cave opening facing the cliff. Mitchell and Isaac easily jump the gap on their bikes, with Eric and Chandler experiencing more difficulty attempting the jump of foot leaving their car behind. Within the cave they see where the vampires make their home, decorated with trash and stolen items, furniture, even some lights and a sound system powered by generator. Sleeping in a small alcove they meet Estelle, yet another ghoul. Deeper into the cave they find a chamber empty but flooded with a foot or so of water, beneath the water are bones of humans, enough to account for the recently spike in missing persons, and to Eric's outrage some are child sized. 
From Mitchell and Estelle they learn that Keith Jotham is the leader of the pack of vampiric motorcyclists. Keith fed Mitchell and Estelle his blood turning them into ghouls and has done the same with Addie. They learn Keith's gang consists of Marky, Chad, and Remington; and also learn that Chad has taken a liking to Addie and often brings him along on the back of his motorcycle during the gang's outings. The coterie decides to wait in ambush for Keith and his cronies while keeping an eye on Mitchell and Estelle who clearly have a romantic interest in each other. As dawn approaches so does one figure astride a motorcycle. Eric, quick to act, grabs him and attempts to question him. The vampire Marky is panicked and refuses to cooperate, he squirms free and in attempt to escape he reveals his ability to fly, but only to be brought down by Chandler's gun, crashing into the rocks below. The remaining vampires have fled during the scuffle and the sun is on it's way; the coterie leaves Marky's body to turn to dust with the sunrise while they spend the day sleeping in the watery chamber of bones. 

Scene 6 "Where's Peter Pan When You Need Him?"
(Kiss – I Was Made For Lovin' You)
By sunset the ghouls are gone, but a figure awaits at their car parked near the cliff. The middle-aged woman is found to be Mitchell's mother, freshly embraced by Keith and sent to kill or be killed. She is in a state of near madness, searching for her son. She lashes out at our heroes, though is easily subdued. They learn that Keith and his gang await at Mitchell's house. Mitchell's mother can't bear her undead state and begs the coterie for death. After getting directions to her home, Isaac sates his appetite and diablerizes her without hesitation. Wasting no time they precede to the house. Parked out front are three motorcycles. The door is unlocked. Our heroes step into the obvious trap and begin searching the darkened and damaged home. Chad is found hiding in the shower by Isaac and Chandler, his ignoble death is swift and brutal by Isaac's ebon tentacles; a shower being a weak defensive position. Next we Eric stealthily makes his way to the master bedroom where Keith is waiting. Keith also overestimates his abilities and is taken unawares by Eric, who is wielding a deadly vampire artifact, a gauntlet of blades, spikes and hooks. Keith hears Eric before he sees him, but unknowingly steps into Eric's first blow. Keith's head is cleanly severed and his reign of terror ends with a gurgle and look of disbelief. In another bedroom a body is found, eviscerated, skinned, drained dry; Mitchell had a younger brother who suffered for Mitchell's friendship with monsters. The vampiric trio track their remaining enemy to the garage; deducing that Remington is holding Addie there hostage, Eric gives his trophy of Keith's severed head to Chandler, knowing she can use intimidation to the greatest advantage out of the three of them. Once again she unleashes the force of her presence and Remington is instantly awed, he tosses Addie aside and flies straight up, breaking through the roof, and fleeing into the night. Little Addie himself attempts to attack his rescuers out of fear and shock, but he is subdued without harm. Our heroes are victorious,. He is subdued without harm As they take stock of the situation they experience a tiny cataclysm of paranormal origin. The pipes, drains, and faucets begin to spew blood and viscera. The building itself rumbles and shakes. Sparks appear in the air and furniture begins spontaneously combusting. They rush from the house in time to see it collapse on fire into a pit of rising offal. They flee the scene with Addie, aghast at this unforeseen destruction and fearful for the safety of the Masquerade. 

Epilogue "Lost Boy Found" 
Eric is a man of considerable wealth and means in the world of mortals. Two major investments are his private investigation firm and a children's hospital. His on-call investigators return Addie to the police in the guise of tourists who found him wandering about. They coach him to give the authorities and his mother a simple story that he was kidnapped and given drugs by gang members before he managed to escape. Instead of bringing Addie to the emergency, the police take him to the children's hospital owned by Eric as they have done previously in similar cases. Known to very few is that the hospital specialized in children who have been exposed to the supernatural. The hospital corroborates the story, providing false reports of psychotropics in Addie's blood. Addie's mother visits him in the hospital and after a tearful reunion she agrees to let Addie remain to be treated for the drugs and psychological trauma, in actuality they watch him until he reverts back into a human, though they do indeed provide much needed treatment to his damaged mind. This happy ending is cold comfort to Eric as he was unable to prevent the destruction of an entire family. Chandler is frustrated that one of their number escaped, she readies a bullet for him. Isaac grimly considers he's going to have a busy day working at the morgue with the bodies left in their wake. 

"By the Book" -Themes part 1
How the themes of VtM are represented in this campaign.


The Curse of Caine binds the darkest shadow of a mortal soul with the mortal’s dead flesh. This process creates the Beast; all the darkest instincts of the human animal that have replaced the vampire’s soul. No matter how an individual vampire views the Beast philosophically, it is still the very core of their existence and only leaves them at Final Death.


This represents the vampire’s daily routine. Though various vampire factions may espouse philosophical justifications or condemnations of the Masquerade; the simple fact is that the Masquerade is the natural habitat of vampires as a species. As a human uses cunning to hunt lesser animals; a vampire must use exponentially more to hunt humans. Vampires hide among their prey as an instinctive hunting strategy; vampires that eschew this strategy are weeded out through natural selection.


The origin of vampirism is shrouded in myth, but it is believed to lie in the origin of the human species. A vampire’s nature originates in it’s life as a human. A vampire’s damnation or redemption is ultimately in it’s own hands.


Elders are placing their pawns. The young are granted powers to help clear the field while themselves being positioned for sacrifice once their duty has been fulfilled. Some are getting ready to flip the board.


The Camarilla will work to reduce the vampire population, by force if necessary. The Sabbat has no official interest in the situation, but will pounce on any opportunity to gain an advantage. Anarchs, Autarkis, and other Independents will fight for survival.


Events occurring on the Island are a relatively small and petty matter in the scope of the entirety of history, presumably unimportant to the Jyhad. Within this limited conflict conspiracy occurs as subterfuge between the individuals involved …or that’s what the Antediluvians want you to think, maybe?


The eschatologically minded see any increase in conflict as a sign of the end time, very few would see this specific conflict as the source. Small ripples can have unforeseen effects.


The Island is a place where no one would think to look for secrets, making it an ideal place to hide them.


Amongst tyrants and terrorists plotting against each other there is still opportunity for vampires to act by their own will, and have no less claim to their liberty in times of conflict.


Accumulation of power is easily justified as a means to an end, one never has to acknowledge that is has become the end itself.


Despite the turmoil and danger those the vampires that make their home on the Island are loath to flee for safer havens and instead will fight to defend their current sanctuaries. They will make alliances of necessity with enemies who face the same threats to their homes and havens.


The scene is set for vampires with the will to power to seize territory and influence. They will face opposition from others with the same goal as well as those they seek to conquer. 


Facing war and upheaval there is a feeling of hopelessness, but there is still possibility for order to arise from the chaos. Vampires who chafe under the yoke of authority have the chance to free themselves and the chance to forge a free civilization for others.


In times of great darkness the smallest flickers of nobility shine brightly as beacons. Amongst the degeneracy vampires can chose to rise above the filth and prove their character, in doing so they are taking steps down the path to discovering Golconda.


As the facade of the mundane world begins to crumble around mortals they will look desperately for saviors from the monsters hunting them. Their savior may rise from their own ranks, but it is also possible for angels of mercy to appear in the form of a few vampires who betray their kind in hopes to protect the human flock from predation. These undead benefactors may be of pure intention, or may simply be protecting their source of sustenance.


Camarilla, Sabbat, Anarchs; though not on equal footing they each vie for power and have equal claim to it. A small organized coterie can tip the balance to whichever faction they favour, or may form a new faction to further change the political landscape.

"The Island" - Setting Part 1
Vampire politics and history of the Island

Mortal society on the Island has been stagnating ever since the dawn of the modern era. It’s current state is banal at best and corrupt at worst. Conversely it’s vampire population has seen surprising changes and growth in the last several decades, as if fertilized by the festering dung of human society.

Originally vampire population leveled off as mortal society grew, but that changed when the vampire political landscape experienced a drastic upheaval in a clash between Camarilla, Sabbat and Hunter forces.

In the late ‘80s an ambitious Sabbat Pack migrated to the Island and attempted to gain influence and power for a coup against the Camarilla who claimed the Island as their domain.  Several years later the Camarilla Primogen who governed vampire activities on the Island was assassinated in a Sabbat attack.

The Sabbat did not have time to enjoy it’s victory as the collateral damage in the raid and weakening of Camarilla ability to maintain the Masquerade brought the attention of a small band of Hunters. The Sabbat killed the hunters after great losses, most Sabbat vampires who survived fled the Island. All the vampires involved in the initial coup against the Camarilla were declared traitors for taking reckless action that endangered the Sect, it is believed they were all executed in the following Wild Hunt.

Following this the Camarilla focused their efforts on repairing the Masquerade; retaliation against the Sabbat was secondary, few Sabbat vampires were captured or killed in the years following.

Despite this sudden decrease in the vampire population and slow recovery of the Camarilla, the status quo would never be recovered, the power vacuum would be filled faster than the Camarilla could act. Drifters, Autarkis, Anarchs, Exiled Sabbat and unlicensed Embraces caused a steep and steady rise in vampire population. The current situation is an unstable political dance and the Masquerade is becoming burdened. A united group of neonates could consolidate power and stabilize the situation with some effort. It could more easily light it up like a powderkeg.


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